Waldorf Homeschool Conference

Speakers & Staff


Sarah Barrett

Sarah is the founder of The Waldorf Homeschool Conference and primary organizer. Sarah is also the founder and director of The Dreamers’ School, a Waldorf-inspired homeschool enrichment program in Buford, Ga. Sarah founded two sister-schools to The Dreamers’ School in Orlando, FL in 2015 and 2016. She had been seeking a homeschool enrichment program for her two children that combined hands-on, nature-inspired, whole-child learning with Waldorf philosophies. After envisioning what an ideal program would look like and not finding one nearby, she decided to open a school in Orlando that offers this unique program for homeschoolers.

Sarah’s educational background is in Industrial and Systems Engineering with a degree from Georgia Tech. Upon graduating, she started her career with Walt Disney World. After leaving Disney, Sarah owned a consulting company that primarily worked with internationally renowned health & fitness brands and functional medicine doctors. She has organized medical conferences, ghost-written articles, presentations, curriculum, and health programs for many clients including two NY Times best-selling authors, medical doctors, and various business leaders.

After living in Orlando for over fifteen years, Sarah recently relocated to the northeast Atlanta area and opened The Dreamers’ School to continue her passion for bringing Waldorf-inspired enrichment to homeschoolers. She is excited to bring the Waldorf Homeschool Conference to the Atlanta area in 2019. Sarah currently homeschools her two children, and enjoys reading, yoga, specialty restaurants, and traveling with her husband and kids in their RV.


Jean Miller, MAT

Jean is the mother of three (two boys and a girl) and has been on the Waldorf homeschooling journey for almost 25 years. She has a Master of Arts in Teaching and has taught in public and private schools, homeschooled her own children, and led small groups. Jean has studied and practiced Waldorf methods since the early 1990s, attending numerous local and national conferences, reading extensively, planning and implementing many lessons.

As the founder of Waldorf-Inspired Learning, Jean mentors homeschooling parents through online group coaching programs and one-on-one coaching sessions. She also hosts a live summer event in Ohio, the Taproot Teacher Training for Waldorf homeschoolers.

Jean lives in northeastern Ohio with her husband of 30 years. They are officially empty-nesters with their youngest now in college and two older children out on their own. Among Jean’s passions are singing and hiking.


Carrie Dendtler

Carrie is author of The Parenting Passageway blog, a resource for peaceful parenting, and a Waldorf homeschooling mother of three children ages 16, 13 and 8. She is currently homeschooling grades 10, 7, and 2.

As a neonatal/pediatric physical therapist, lay breastfeeding counselor and board-certified lactation consultant, Carrie has observed, worked with,  and counseled thousands of families. Her time working with families and especially with parents of children with special needs has given her a unique perspective and foundation through which to view not only the importance of attachment but also the framework of Rudolf Steiner’s twelve senses and the seven year cycles as a foundation for a healthy childhood.

She finished her Foundation Studies in the Arts and Anthroposophy through Antioch University in 2013. She has been married for twenty-six years to her wonderful husband, and most enjoys spending time with her family in nature.

Brian and Robyn Wolfe.jpg

Brian & Robyn Wolfe

Trained Waldorf teachers Brian & Robyn Wolfe have been involved in art & education for over 20 years. Experienced with both teaching in the classroom as well as homeschooling their two children, they work with children and adults in person and online at Waldorfish. Their courses guide soul-filled teachers and families towards confidence in integrating the arts and geometry into their homeschool days. 

An early career as a park ranger led Robyn to her love of illustrating and education. She has an M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis on Comparative Education. It was during these studies that she first discovered Waldorf education. She has worked in both public and private school classrooms. Brian has spent the past 14 years playing music, teaching, drawing & coaching Waldorf students in Northern California. Summers often find him traveling to offer training to teachers, parents and students around the world. Both Robyn and Brian are looking forward to spending time with the Atlanta homeschooling community!


Jodie Mesler

Jodie Mesler of Living Music offers online courses and private music lessons. Since 2007, she has been offering parents guidance on how to teach music in a holistic, Waldorf-inspired way to include the whole family. 

Her main passion is to teach parents via Zoom, or through video online courses, how to play a recorder instrument so that they can teach their children. Many of the lessons include songs about the magic of nature, celebrating the seasons and festivals, weaving in games, incentives, stories, circle time, and handwork projects. Visit her website at Living Music.

She lives in Georgia with her husband, Brian, married for 23 years. They have three teenage children.


Judy Forster

Handwork has always been a part of Judy’s life.  Over the years, her love of handwork was encouraged both by family members and her participation in the Girl Scouts.  Her connection to Waldorf Education began when her husband, Kini Anderson, started teaching German at the Susquehanna Waldorf School in Marietta, PA.  Their son began attending Kindergarten there, and a year later, Judy, who had been teaching college English, was asked to start teaching Handwork at SWS. 

During this time, Judy completed her certificate in Teaching the Applied Arts from Sunbridge College--a certification in Handwork.  After teaching for four years at SWS, Judy and Kini began homeschooling their son, and Judy began teaching Handwork and Art to homeschoolers. 

In the year 2000, Judy and her family relocated to the Metro Atlanta area so that Judy and Kini could both teach at the Waldorf School of Atlanta.  Their son attended WSA.  Judy taught Handwork there for 9 years but also continued teaching Handwork to homeschoolers.  After the birth of her daughter, she stopped teaching at WSA but continued teaching Handwork and Art for homeschool students. 

In addition to teaching Handwork and Art, Judy dyes fibers and textiles with natural dyes and teaches adult classes as well.  Her daughter attends WSA, her son is in graduate school, and her husband teaches German at Chamblee Charter High School. 


Sheila Petruccelli

Sheila Petruccelli came to Waldorf homeschooling in 2010 looking for some better crayons for her boys. What she found was a calling to explore the intersection between creativity and the soul. She homeschooled her oldest son until high school and is currently enjoying 7th grade with her youngest. She credits Jean Miller and the community of Taproot with expanding her view of what homeschooling with Waldorf can look like in a way that is realistic, sustainable and nourishing.

As a certified spiritual director, Sheila works for The Haden Institute holding sacred space, encouraging embodiment and creating ritual. As a seasoned homeschooling mom, she avoids teaching math at all costs, anticipates story time every day and makes way too many pizza bagels. She loves poetry, painting and people who make her laugh. Sheila lives in Asheville, NC.


Melisa Nielsen 

Melisa is a mother of 5 homeschooled children. She's graduated two, one went to public high school and 2 are still at home.

She's the author of the Waldorf Essentials curriculum and of the Thinking Feeling Willing training,  mentoring and coaching program for Waldorf families. Melisa and her husband are also parenting coaches and they work with families to help them reach their parenting goals.

Melisa lives in San Diego.


Anne Cleveland

Anne Cleveland, new owner of the Waldorf Connection, holds a BA in Music, a Master’s Degree in Waldorf Education and is currently studying remedial education. She was a class teacher at the Santa Cruz Waldorf School for 10 years and has taught Spanish and Music as a Specialty Teacher, and currently she teaches choir and parent education classes there. Anne has also worked in many local public and private schools and supported homeschoolers as a teacher, mentor, tutor and music instructor for over 30 years. 

As a Simplicity Parenting Coach she helps parents to put it all together to create a life that supports the whole family. Her passions include music, dance and helping parents to support their child to develop the skills and capacities they will need to thrive into their future.